Gauss-Jordan Elimination

This is where you’re trying to get to.

1st Round Manipulation

  1. We have to change the to right to be equal to the 1 0 0 format however
    - You can only do change to the whole row and not a single spot.
    - only multiplication/ division no subtraction/ addition
I multiplied the whole Row 1 by a factor of 1/2

1st Round Rewrite

2nd Round Manipulation

Change 1.5 to be 1.

2nd Round Rewrite

3rd Round Manipulation

3rd Round Rewrite (Final Round)

Final Rewrite into Equation

📌 Direct your frustrations at him: Carl Friedrich Gauss (just kidding or not?)

yes he looks a bit mean




Highschool Rookie learning to code.

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Sataphon Obra

Sataphon Obra

Highschool Rookie learning to code.

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